How to Create a Remote Mailbox using Exchange Management Shell

Use below command to create remote mailbox, it will also create AD account.

New-RemoteMailbox -Name “UserADName” -DisplayName “UserDisplayName” -UserPrincipalName¬† “UserUserPrincipalName” -Alias “UserAlias” -PrimarySmtpAddress “UserPrimarySMTPAddress” -OnPremisesOrganizationalUnit “UserOUContainerPath” -FirstName “FirstName” -LastName “UserLastName”

In case User already exist in AD and Remote Mailbox Needed to enable, use below command:

Enable-RemoteMailbox -Identity “UserSAMAccountName” -Alias “UserAlias” -RemoteRoutingAddress -PrimarySmtpAddress “UserPrimarySMTPAddress”

How add bulk domains to allow sender domain list in Exchange Online using powershell

Use below pwershell with a csv file with column name “AllowedSenderDomains”

Import-Csv “C:\temp\AllowedDomain.csv” | foreach {Set-HostedContentFilterPolicy -Identity Default -AllowedSenderDomains @{add=$_.AllowedSenderDomains}}

“Throttled.” pop-up in Outlook when signing into O365

“Throttled.” pop-up in Outlook when signing into O365


This was an issue from O365 end where MS has installed some updates which went wrong. This issue resolved after roll back of updates installed earlier.